Thermocouple Input Temperature Transmitter Head-mounted


BRT-TCM Series Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter is a low cost high efficiency standard head mounted thermocouple to 4-20mA converter module with cold junction compensation. That temperature transmitter operates in 2-wire loop powered mode and gets power from 4-20mA current loop output. It accepts K-type, E-type, S-type, T-type, etc thermocouple signal input, and converts the input thermocouple into 4-20mA current. The temperature transmitter can be embedded into temperature sensors, wiring terminal box or used as a conversion module in meters and instruments. The internal components are sealed by Epoxy Resin, that special design techniques used to ensure it can operate well in severe environments, vibration conditions.



Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter Features
-±0.2 F.S. accuracy
-No adjustment is required, easy to use.
-2-wire 4-20mA output loop powered conversion, or 0-5V, 0-10V output.
-With internal cold junction compensation.
-K-type, E-type, S-type, T-type thermocouple signal input.
-Epoxy resin sealed to ensure high stability.
-Standard head mounted flame retardant package.
-Operating temperature range -20-+70℃.

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter Applications
-Thermocouple signal data acquisition in industrial site.
-Temperature signal conversion and transmission.
-Thermocouple sensor signal monitoring and controlling.
-Embedded into meters and instruments.

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter Parameters

Input terminal
Input SignalK-type, E-type, S-type, T-type thermocouple signal
Cold junction compensationYes
Output terminal
Output signal4-20mA loop or 0-5V/0-10V voltage
Load capacityRL≤500Ω
General parameters
Power supplyNone
Accuracy0.2 F.S. or 0.5 F.S.
Temperature drift0.005% F.S./℃ (-20-+60℃)
Response time≤1S (0-90%) TYP
Isolation1500VAC/min between input and output
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ between input and output.
Operating temp. range-20-+70℃
Storage temp. range-45-+90℃ Non-condensation
EMC CompatibilityIn compliance with GB/T 18268 (IEC61326-1)

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter Wiring Circuit

Thermocouple to 4-20mA Output, Thermocouple temperature transmitter
Thermocouple to 4-20mA Output

Thermocouple to 4-20mA Transmitter Dimension

Thermocouple to 4-20ma Transmitter Dimension
Thermocouple to 4-20ma output transmitter dimension

Additional information

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 cm

Type-K(0-1200℃), Type-K(0-1300℃), Type-K(0-200℃), Type-K(0-1000℃), Type-K(0-400℃), Type-E(0-900℃), Type-E(200-800℃), Type-S(0-1600℃), Type-S(600-1600℃)


4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

Customized Specs

Other Thermocouples or temperature ranges input required, please contact us by email.

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