4-20mA Current Signal Generator Kits

4-20mA Simulator or 4-20mA Generator is a kind of 2-wire or 3-wire passive 4-20mA current loop signal simulation or generating device which designed for 4-20mA Sensors , 4-20mA Transmitter, 4-20mA Converter signal testing. The input and output are 4-20mA signal. The 4-20mA current source simulator or generator usually outputs 2-wire or 3-wire 4-20mA current source which can be adjusted by potentiomer. It can be used to test 4-20mA active signal input, 4-20mA passive signal input, or 2-wire/3-wire 4-20mA current loop signal, 4-20mA current source,etc. Easy-to-use, high reliability.

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