0-10V Signal Generator 0-10V Signal Source 0-10V Controller

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0-10V Signal Generator is a low power consumption 0-10vdc signal source or signal controller. It’s input voltage is 24V, output 0-10vdc with LED display,  output load capacity is higher than 500Ω. The output of voltage generator is adjustable from 0v to 10vdc.



0-10V Signal Generator Features
-With adjusting knob, rotation angle 5×360 degree, fine adjustment, small adjusting steps.
-Display 0-10V value with LED display.
-Fast response, no delay, stable regulated constant 0-10V source output.
-Have reverse polarity protection circuit, no damage in accidental reverse connection.
-Power supply voltage: DC24V input, power consumption <1.5W.
-The load impedance in output terminal: >500Ω, constant voltage output.
-Embedded installation is available, panel cutout size: 76x40mm.

0-10V Signal Generator Applications
–  Using as 0-10V simulator module, 0-300 degree rotation knob, 0-10V value LED display.
-Widely applied in signal source simulation, PLC adjustment, valve adjustment, frequency changer control, meter testing, transmitter signal output, equipment controller, etc.
-Use as 0-10V constant voltage source signal to control and adjust devices.

0-10V Generator Wiring Circuit

0-10V Signal Generator Circuit
0-10V Generator Circuit

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions8 x 4.2 x 5 cm

Output 0-10VDC voltage source, display 0-10V voltage value,

Panel Cut-out Dimension


Packing List

1Unit x Original 0-10V Voltage Signal Generator Voltage Source with LED Display

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Adjusting Knob

Grey Color (Large), Black Color (Small)


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