0-10V 4-20mA mV Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator

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BRT SMU-LB78 DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator covers most functions required for maintenance of PLC, DCS, ESD, field instrument, regulating valve and frequency changer, and it has long-term stability and high precision. It can generate dc current signal active or passive 0-24mA, voltage signal 0-11VDC, mV small signal 0-110mV, 24V,etc. It is characterized by safety protection design in every aspects and clear LED screen display, and adopts a flame-retardant shell, refined anti-scratch cover. Handheld pocket size makes it is easy to carry.


0-10V 4-20mA mV DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator Features
– Built-in one-time quick-break fuse can avoid instrument damages caused by improper connecting electric supply with 110V or 220V.
– High accuracy, main chips such as DA, reference voltage and operational amplifier adopt stable qualified precision chips to improve temperature stability and long-term performance.
– Simple key layout, all functions have independent corresponding keys, simple easy-to-use.
– Fast response and zero delay in operation.
– Low power dissipation and long stand-by time.
– With embedded battery power, no need external power supply.
– Operating temperature range: -10-+50℃, 20–80%RH humidity, non-condensation.
– Dimension: 108x66x20mm (LxWxH) , pocket size design.

0-10V 4-20mA mV DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator Output

DC. VoltageV0~11.00V0.01/0.1/1 

Max:0.01 V

DC. mV VoltagemV0~110.00mV0.1/1/10 

Max:0.1 mV

DC Current  DC. mA (active source, passive signal)mA0~24.00mA0.01/0.1/1/4Max:0.01 mA


0~24.0 mANoneMax:0.2 mA

DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator Operation Guide
Setting method of step value
V, mA, mV Keys are functional setting keys and stepping setting keys. When the generator operates normally in one function mode, press matched functional key to access to step setting mode. When the step setting light is on and other light is off.  Then repress this key to change setting mode to access to next functional mode.
Note required: mA output step setting: 0.01/0.1/1.0/4.0 mA

DC Voltage or mV Signal Output
There are three corresponding luminescent tubes, right above V, mA, mV keys, indicates current function. When luminescent tube above V/mV is not on, other luminescent tubes above two functions are on, press V/mV key to access to voltage output situation. Use ↓ and  keys to increase and decrease output setting values. By making reference to step bit method, increased and decreased voltage can be changed.

Current Output
Current output function covers three sub-functions, including active current output (screen display SOU), passive current output (screen display SIn), 24V(screen display 24 U) output, long press mA key to switch these three functions alternatively, long press mA key one time to switch one function, and long press again to enter to next function.
The operation methods of active current and passive current output are similar to those of voltage and mV.

DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator Applications

mA Current Generator and Simulator
0-10mA 4-20mA Current Generator and Simulator
0-75mV, 0-10V Voltage Simulator Generator
Voltage Simulator and Generator
24V Analog Simulator Generator
24V Simulator and Generator

*Please contact us to get data sheet if more details required.

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions11 x 7 x 5 cm
Packing List

1Unit x Original DC Analog Simulator Generator and Calibrator
1Piece x USB power cable

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