Load Cell Amplifier Circuit Weight Sensor 4-20mA 0-10V Out


BRT WT-P2 Load cell amplifier circuit is a very simple low cost weight sensor signal conditioning circuit module. It accepts ±20mV differential signal input, and converts it into 4-20mA and 0-10v output in linearity. It is very easy to be embedded into industrial devices. Integrated design, small size, easy to use. High reliability, high sensitivity, fast response.



BRT WT-P2 Load cell amplifier circuit is a high precision weight sensor signal conditioner. It can convert the weight changes measured into the changes of resistance signal, and then converts the resistance signal into dc current or voltage signal output. It’s output can be 0-10V voltage and 4-20mA current. Its differential input voltage is ±20mV, accuracy is 24bit. It operates in 9-24Vdc wide range power supply.

BRT WT-P2 Load Cell Amplifier Circuit Technical Parameters

1Differential voltage


±20mVFull range input voltage ±20mV
2Data Accuracy24bit24bit A/D conversion IC
3Refresh frequency80HzRefresh date frequency
4Operating power supply9~24 VDC
5Operating current<10 mA
6Temperature range-40℃~65℃
7Storage temperature-40℃~65℃
8Dimension50*45*10 mmLxWxH

BRT WT-P2 Load Cell Amplifier Circuit Applications
-Weight sensor signal conditioning and conversion
-Load cell signal transmission and data acquisition
-Pressure, displacement, strain gauge, torsion signal, accelerating signal measurement.

BRT WT-P2 Load Cell Amplifier Circuit Pin Definition
P1 Terminal block wring:

+24V:Power supply +
GND:Power supply –
V:0-10V output
I:4-20mA output
GND:Power supply –

Potentiometer RV1(OFFER) adjust output medium value.
Potentiometer RV2(ADJ) adjust output GAIN value (amplification times).
CH1 Terminal block wiring:

VDD:Load cell power supply + (red wire)
I+:Load cell in-phase input (green wire)
I-:Load cell anti-phase input (white wire)
GND: Load cell power supply -(black wire)

*Note: please DO make sure the polarity connection is right, then power on!

Additional information

Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 cm

4-20mA AND 0-10VDC, ONLY 4-20MA


+/-20mV Differential signal for weight sensor module

Power Supply


Packing list

1Unit x Original Load Cell Amplifier Circuit Weight Sensor 4-20mA 0-10V Out

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