4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Tester Panel Mount


BRT 420GHM High accuracy 4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator is a kind of constant current source 4-20ma controlling signal calibrator module with panel mounted shell. It has standard 5135 meter case, easy to be integrated for developers. The output range of that calibrator is 3.3mA to 21mA, and its output can be adjusted by two high accuracy potentiometer knobs, one is for rough adjustment and another is for fine adjustment with small changing steps. Its power supply is 7-30V wide range, user can use 9V, 12V, 24V power supply to drive it. With steady reliable accuracy current output, it becomes an essential perfect simplified calibration kits for technicians.



BRT 420GHM High accuracy 4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Tester outputs standard constant current source controlling signal, and its 4-20ma current signal output displays in high resolution LED exactly, output accuracy is 0.1mA. Inside the panel mount current simulator tester, there are various types of protection and conversion circuit to ensure that the signal output is steady and reliable. BRT 420GHM analog current simulator calibrator is widely used in frequency converter controlling, PLC adjustment, valve adjustment, meters testing, analog 4-20ma transmitter output simulation, signal source generation, etc. With LED meter panel mounted shell, it is easy to be embedded into equipment in prototype design and do calibration test in industrial site.

Features and Benefits
-Use pluggable wiring terminal blocks , it is safe and easy to do wring connection.
-Use high accuracy long life potentiometer for output adjustment.
-Power supply has reverse polarity connection protection, self-recovery fuse protection functions.
-4-20mA signal output has anti-thunder, anti-ESD interference protection circuit.
-Standard 5135 panel mounted meter case, easy to install.
-Two adjustment knobs, one for rough adjustment and another for fine adjustment.
-Use 0.56inch high brightness LED display to ensure its light effect in long distance and strong light fields.
-With backside cover, it is much more reliable in performance.

4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Technical Parameters

ParametersTypical Value
Power supply voltage9-30VDC, Recommended 24VDC
Power supply current﹥150mA
Output ripple<30MV
Output current range3.3MA-21MA.
LED DisplayCurrent output signal, 0.56inch LED.
Output load capacityTypical 0~350Ω@12V power supply; 0~800Ω@ 20V or 24V power supply. Depends on power supply voltage.
LED display valueOutput current ≥20mA, display digit 1.
Output voltage min. value0V
Current source output responseFast response, real-time
Min. static power consumption1.728W(72MA/24V,) no load in output
Max. operating power consumption2.16W(90MA/24V)
Output adjustment accuracy/step0.1mA
Temperature offset accuracy3%
Temperature ripple offset accuracy2%
Dimension (LxWxH)79x43x25mm
Panel Cut-out size76x39mm (±1mm error)
Unit weight71g

Two Adjusting Knobs 4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Backside View

Analog 4-20mA Generator Wiring Circuit
2-Knob 4-20mA Simulator Calibrator Wiring Terminals

One Adjusting Knob 4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Backside View

High accuracy 4-20mA Signal Simulator Brightwin
1-Knob 4-20mA Simulator Calibrator Wiring Terminals

Additional information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm
Adjustment Knob

Two Knobs Type, One Knob Type



Output Range

3.0mA to 21mA or 3.3mA to 21mA

Packing List

1 Unit x Original 4-20mA Current Simulator Calibrator Tester Panel Mount

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