Category: Analog Signal Application Solutions

The articles about application solutions on DC current voltage analog signal source simulation: 0-5V|0-10V|4-20mA|0-10mA|0-20mA|0-75mV, etc isolated conversion and amplification; sensors and meters signal simulation or other industrial site signals isolated transmission and conversion: RTD pt100|pt1000|cu100 generator, 4-20mA or 0-5V signal generator, pwm to 4-20ma or 0-5V generator, frequency to voltage or current signal conversion,etc.

Why Use 4-20mA Current in Analog Signal Transmission?

In process control systems, active or passive 4-20mA current signal is the most commonly used signal output for analog signal transmission and controlling. Usually the meters or sensors output are 4-20ma current signal, and 4-20mA signal is widely used in signal chain in industrial site. The main reason why we used 4-20mA in signal transmission is that 4-20ma current signal has strong capacity in anti-interference and can meet the anti-explosive requirement is some special conditions.

DDS Function Signal Generator

Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator Performance Report

Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator is a kind low cost high accuracy dds function signal generator, it’s  amplitude of the signal is digital continuously adjustable, the output is dual channel independent arbitrary waveform signal output.  The amplitude output range: 30mVp-p–30Vp-p, frequency range is up to 0-5MHz.  That dds function signal generator can be used in frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurement, counting function, etc.  User can get 2-channel 4.5W, 300mA, 60V power supply output.

DDS Signal Generator Module

BRT DDSG Series DDS Signal Generator Performance Test

BRT DDSG Series DDS Signal Generator is a high accuracy wide range amplitude dual channel dds function signal generator module with color LCD display. It’s amplitude output range is 10mVpp~20Vpp, accuracy is upto 10mVpp, two-channel independently output, the wave form and phase difference can be adjusted arbitrarily by users. User can input any wave forms by the host PC or software and output the wave forms exactly.

433mHz RF Transmitter Receiver

433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Data sheet

33MHz RF Transmitter or Receiver is a kind of small size low power consumption high stability 433mHz wireless RF Transmitter or Receive kits. That 433mHz RF transmitter and receiver module has TTL or RS232 output interface and operates at 5vdc power supply, reliable transmission distance is 500m, load frequency is 435mHz. It is designed for meters signal, sensor signal wireless transmission, intelligent building system, scannerm power meters, signal remote controlling, etc.