PT100 Simulator RTD PT100 Signal Generator

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SMU-PT100 RTD PT100 Simulator is a small size precision simulator for PT100 thermal resistance used for accurate temperature measurement and signal simulation. High performance metal film resistors are used throughout which ensures a good temperature coefficient and long term stability.


SM-PT100 RTD PT100 Simulator is an analog PT100 thermal resistance signal simulation instrument. It can be used as PT100 to calibrated meters or systems in different environment.
PT100 simulator is small size, high accuracy, wide temperature range, high linearity and reliability. The small package makes it easily portable and ideal for lab or field use.  Since the output temperature range is from -200℃-+660℃, it will operate with all types of PT100 measuring equipment including the live systems using pulsed, or interrupted excitation current.

RTD PT100 Simulator General Parameters
– Temperature range available: -200-660℃
– Display mode: LED Tube display.
– Accuracy grade: 0.2%

RTD PT100 Simulator Features
– Designed on the basis of Phillips IC, high reliability.
– No potentiometer used to ensure that resistance value has no drift in long-term use.
– Silver-plating contact relay used in resistance value switch, good durability, extra low contact resistance value.
– Real resistance value, can be applied in various types of device with PT100 signal input.
– LED tube display, widely used in harsh environment.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions8 x 5 x 5 cm
Package including

1Unit x Original PT100 Simulator.
1Unit x Original Power Adapter for Simulator.

Quality warranty

Two-year quality warranty. Provide maintenance service for the items exceed warranty time.


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