RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Panel Meter

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BRT TCM01 Series RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter is a kind of digital temperature panel meter designed to use with RTD thermal resistance PT100, CU100, Cu50, G53, BA2 or thermocouple Type K,E,S,T,N, Wre325, sensors to measure and display temperature signal. Inside the temperature panel meter, there is embedded button to do calibration and digital filtering to reduce ZERO and SPAN error grade caused by sensor and connection cable, and the sensitivity of the digital panel meter can be improved by adjusting calibration button. With RED LED display, small size, it is easy to be embedded in industrial instruments.



RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Panel Meter Features
– High anti-interference capacity, stable and steady display, high efficiency circuit used.
– Standard embedded refined external case, easy to install.
– Designed to use with RTD thermal resistance sensor, thermocouple sensor, Wre325, G53 sensors to display temperature signal.
– With calibration button embedded inside to adjust ZERO/SPAN error to improve temperature panel meter sensitivity.

RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Panel Meter Applications
– Room temperature measuring, car or bus air conditioner temperature monitoring.
– Refrigerators, freezers or high low temperature drying oven temperature measuring.
– Barn,, tank, telecommunication or electrical machine room, cable socket temperature system.
– Cylinder, textile machine and other industrial equipment temperature controlling.

RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Signal Input
– RTD Thermal Resistance input: Pt100, Cu100, Cu50, BA1, BA2, G53.
– TC Thermocouple signal input: K type, E type, T type, J type, Wre325.

RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Panel Meter Technical Parameters
– Power supply: DC 5V±10%; (Optional DC12V, DC24V).
– Measuring accuracy: 0.5% F.S.
– Digits display height: 0.56inch red LED.
– Dimension: 79×43×25mm
– Weight: about 200g
– Panel Cut-out dimension: 76.5×39.2mm

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm

PT100:-199.9– +600.0℃, CU100:-50.0– +150.0℃, CU50:-50.0– +150.0℃, K-type:-200–+1300℃, S-type:0– +1700℃, J-type:-200—+1200℃, T-type:-200.0– +400.0℃, R-type:0– +1700℃, B-type:500– +1800℃, N-type:-200– +1300℃, E-type:-200– +1000℃, Wre325:0– +2300℃, BA1:-200.0– +650.0℃, BA2:-200.0– +500.0℃, G53:-50.0– +150.0℃


DC5V, DC24V, DC12V



Packing List

1 Unit x Original RTD Thermocouple Panel Meter Temperature Panel Meter


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