5MHZ 10MHz 20MHz DDS Signal Generator Dual Out


BRT MHS2300 Dual Channel DDS Signal Generator is a kind of high efficiency DDS signal source module with arbitrary waveform output and adjustable phase difference.  It is integrated with large-scale CMOS integrated circuits, high-speed 32-bit ARM microprocessor and surface mount technology, which improved the instrument’s immunity and longevity greatly. 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen with 320*240 resolutions was able to display all the parameters of the two channels and prompt the current key functions, avoid pressing buttons repeatedly. The instrument is widely applied in electronic engineering labs, production facilities, industrial site and researching institute, etc.



Adjustable Dual Channel DDS Signal Generator Features
– Adopting direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, FPGA design, and ultra-low power consumption;
– With portable aluminum alloyed shell, sole DC 5V powered adapter, easy to carry;
– With a 2.4-inch TFT color LCD, variable function soft keys and a rotary encoder, greatly enhances the usability of the instrument;
– Perfectly symmetrical two channels can be synchronized to work, and the phase adjustable;
– Two or multi-machines can do multi-machines synchronous by TTL_IO port;
– Various basic function waveforms of sine, triangle, square, saw tooth, and pulse (duty adjustable);
– The minimum output signal frequency to 10uHz;
– With 100 sets (M00-M99) parameter storage locations, data of M00 is able to load as power on;
– With 15 sets arbitrary waveform storage locations for users self-defining, memory depth of each set is 1024*10 bits;
– Amplitude up to 20Vp-p as frequency ≦15MHz; amplitude up to 15Vp-p as frequency >15MHz;
– Minimum frequency resolution reaches 10μHz, minimum amplitude resolution to 10mV;
– With DC offset function (-100%~+100%);
– With FSK function, hop frequency, carrier frequency and FSK rate can be set freely;
– Three trigger modes, manual trigger, internal CH2 trigger, external trigger, an arbitrary burst of 1~1048575 can be outputted;
– If the setting is +100%, it can output any CMOS digital signal of 0~10V.
– Duty adjustment of pulse wave is accurate to 0.1%.
– The burst function can control the output pulses from 1 to 1048575.
– Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and duty sweep with an arbitrary start and end point.
– With functions of frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurement and counting.
– All parameters can be calibrated by internal program.
– Powerful communication functions and the completely open communication protocol, which makes it very simple to the secondary development.
– User can use PC to control the instrument and arbitrary waveform edited on the PC can be download to the instrument to output.

Dual Channel DDS Signal Generator General Parameters

Technical data            MHS2300A-05M/10M/20M
Main outputFrequency rangeSineNormal: BRT DDSG-05M:0Hz~5MHz;



Ultra-low frequency :0~600Hz

Saw tooth0Hz~5MHz


Frequency sweep,  amplitude sweep, duty cycle sweep, FSK, burst
WaveformSine, Square, triangle, pulse, ramp, CMOS, Arbitrary
Waveform length1024 points
Sampling rate200MSa/s
Wave accuracy10bits
Frequency resolution10mHz (Normal), 10μHz (Ultra-low frequency )
Frequency error±5×10-6
Frequency stability±1×10-6
Amplitude range (peak to peak)BRT-DDSG-05M : 10mVp-p~20Vp-p;

BRT-DDSG-10M : 10mVp-p~20Vp-p;

BRT-DDSG-20M : 10mVp-p~20Vp-p(frequency≦15MHz),


Output impedance50Ω±10%
Amplitude resolution10mVp-p
Amplitude stability±0.5%(per 5 hours)
Amplitude error± 1%+10mV(frequency 1KHz., 20Vp-p)
Offset range-100%~+100%(the ratio of offset voltage to signal amplitude)
Offset resolution1%
Phase range0~360°
Phase resolution
SineHarmonic distortion40dBc(<1MHz) ,35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Distortion factor<0.8%(20Hz~20KHz)
SquareRise or fall time≤20ns
Duty adjustment range0.1%~99.9%
TTL/CMOSRise or fall time≤20ns
Low level<0.3V
High level1V~10V
Saw toothDuty>50%Rising saw tooth
Duty<50%Falling saw tooth
ArbitraryQuantity15 sets
Memory depth / set1024*10bits
SweepSweep modeFrequency sweep, amplitude sweep, duty sweep
Sweep time1S~99S
Sweep rangeDepending on the settings saved in M1 of CH1 and CH2
MeasurementFrequency measurement range1Hz~60MHz (Normal),0.01Hz~1kHz ( Ultra-low frequency )
Min. input voltage0.5Vp-p
Max. input voltage20Vp-p
Counting range0~4294967295
Counting modeManual
Positive and negative pulse width measurement10ns resolution,Max. up to10s
Period measurement20ns resolution,Max. up to20s
Duty measurement0.1%  resolution,0.1%~99.9%  range
Signal option1.Ext.IN input(Analog signal ),2.TTL_IN input(Digital signal)
LocationM00 to M99
InterfaceInterface modeUSB to Serial Interface
Communication speed9600bps,19200bps,57600bps  or 115200bps optional
Communication address01~99
Verifying modeLRC verifying or not verifying
Communication protocolOpen
Power supplyDC 5V adapter
Dimensions146×96×56mm (W*H*D)

Dual Channel DDS Signal Generator General Interfaces

DDS Signal Generator Panel
DDS Generator Panel
Code NoDescriptionCode NoDescription
1Colo LCD6CH1 Output terminal
2Operating buttons7CH2 Output terminal
3Knob85vDC power supply port
4TTL I/O: Input/Output9USB Communication port
5External measuring input terminal10Power switch

*Please download the user manual to get detailed introduction.

>>Reading DDS Generator Testing Report, please visit: BRT DDSG Series DDS Generator Performance Test

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 x 10 x 8 cm
Model No

BRT-DDSG-05M(0Hz~5MHz), BRT-DDSG-10M(0Hz~10MHz), BRT-DDSG-20M(0Hz~20MHz)

About Model No

BRT-DDSG-05M(0Hz~5MHz): Sine frequency up to 5MHz, amplitude up to 20Vp-p
BRT-DDSG-10M(0Hz~10MHz): Sine frequency up to 10MHz, amplitude up to 20Vp-p
BRT-DDSG-20M(0Hz~20MHz): Sine frequency up to 20MHz, amplitude up to 20Vp-p as frequency ≦15MHz; amplitude up to 15Vp-p as frequency >15MHz.

Packing List

DDS signal generator—-1pc
DC 5V adapter—-1pc
USB cable—-1pc
Signal output cable—-2pc

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