4-wire 3-phase AC Voltage Transducer with Y-Connection DC Analog Outputs

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BRT-VPO Series Isolated 3-Phase AC Voltage Signal Transducer with Y-connection can be used to convert or measure the AC voltage signal with Y connection into proportional standard DC current or voltage signals. The input, output, power supply and external box are completely isolated among each other. That 3-phase AC voltage Transducer is widely used in ac voltage power control and monitoring, ac voltage to dc voltage current conversion and isolation.



3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Features
>>High accuracy, accuracy grade: 0.1, 0.2, high-linearity.
>>Adopt advanced components, high integration, calibration is not required.
>>Power supply: 12VDC, 24VDC.
>>Full isolation among input, output, power supply and external box.
>>Excellent anti-interference capability, high reliability.
>>International standard 35mm DIN Rail-mounted package or screw panel-mounted.
>>Low cost, UL94V-0 standard flame retardant package.
>>Low power consumption, high performance.
>>Small size, light weight, easy-to-use.
>>Following the standards of CE, RoHS, IEC-61326-1, UL61010B-1,etc.

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Main Benefits
>>Directly measure and monitor ac voltage and power supply line.
>>Monitor non-standard drop in over-load.
>>Measure 3-phase ac voltage signal with Y connection.
>>Output DC analog signal proportional to the AC voltage input signal.
>>Industrial site AC voltage to DC voltage or current signal isolated conversion and acquisition.
>>Measure 3-phase 4-wire ac voltage signal Y connection.

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer General Parameters

Primary Rated Current Input AC5V,20V,50V,100V,200V,220V,300V,380V,500V or user-defined
Primary Measuring Range AC6V,25V,60V,120V,240V,250V,360V,450V,600V,etc.
Rated Output1V,2V,5V,10V,DC0-20mA;DC4-20mA or user-defined
Auxiliary Power SupplyDC12V, DC24V, or user-defined
Wiring/Connection Mode Y-connection or wiring.
Over-load CapabilityWithstand 2.0 times of rated value (continuous),

10 times of rated value (10s)

Accuracy Grade0.1, 0.2 F.S.
Response Time<250mS
Output Voltage Load5mA
Output Current Load6V
Output Ripple≤0.5% RO
Withstand Voltage Isolation3kV/50Hz,1Min
Offset Voltage≤10mV
Temperature Drift≤100PPM/℃
Current Consumption〈5mA + output current
EMC CompatibilityMeet the requirements for industrial equipment: IEC-61326-1
Operating Temperature-10℃~+70℃, <80% of relative humidity, non-condensation
Storage Temperature-25℃~+85℃, <70% of relative humidity, non-condensation

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer  Testing Results

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Performance
3-Phase AC Voltage Transducer Testing

3-phase AC Voltage Signal Transducer Dimension

3-phase ac voltage size
3-phase ac voltage transducer dimension

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions77 x 45 x 50 cm

0-5VAC, 0-10VAC, 0-110V, 0-220VAC, 0-380VAC, 0-500VAC


0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mADC, 4-20mADC


12VDC, 24VDC




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