3-wire 3-phase AC Voltage Transducer with Delta Wiring DC Analog Outputs

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BRT-VPO Series Isolated 3-Phase AC Voltage Transducer with delta connection can be used to convert or measure the AC voltage signal with delta connection into proportional standard DC current or voltage signals. The input, output, power supply and external box are completely isolated among each other. That 3-phase AC voltage Transducer is widely used in ac voltage power control and monitoring, ac voltage to dc voltage current conversion and isolation.



3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Features
>>High accuracy, accuracy grade: 0.1, 0.2, high-linearity.
>>Adopt advanced components, high integration, calibration is not required.
>>Power supply: 12VDC, 24VDC.
>>Full isolation among input, output, power supply and external box.
>>Excellent anti-interference capability, high reliability.
>>International standard 35mm DIN Rail-mounted package or screw panel-mounted.
>>Low cost, UL94V-0 standard flame retardant package.
>>Low power consumption, high performance.
>>Small size, light weight, easy-to-use.
>>Following the standards of CE, RoHS, IEC-61326-1, UL61010B-1,etc.

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Main Benefits
>>Directly measure and monitor ac voltage and power supply line.
>>Monitor non-standard drop in over-load.
>>Measure 3-phase 3-wire ac voltage signal with delta connection.
>>Output DC analog signal proportional to the AC voltage input signal.
>>Industrial site AC voltage to DC voltage or current signal isolated conversion and acquisition.
>>Measure 3-phase ac voltage signal sine wave power frequency 50Hz with Delta connection.

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer General Parameters

Primary Rated Current Input AC5V,20V,50V,100V,200V,220V,300V,380V,500V or user-defined
Primary Measuring Range AC6V,25V,60V,120V,240V,250V,360V,450V,600V,etc.
Rated Output1V,2V,5V,10V,DC0-20mA;DC4-20mA or user-defined
Auxiliary Power SupplyDC12V, DC24V, or user-defined
Wiring/Connection ModeDelta-connection or wiring.
Over-load CapabilityWithstand 2.0 times of rated value (continuous),

10 times of rated value (10s)

Accuracy Grade0.1, 0.2 F.S.
Response Time<250mS
Output Voltage Load5mA
Output Current Load6V
Output Ripple≤0.5% RO
Withstand Voltage Isolation3kV/50Hz,1Min
Offset Voltage≤10mV
Temperature Drift≤100PPM/℃
Current Consumption〈5mA + output current
EMC CompatibilityMeet the requirements for industrial equipment: IEC-61326-1
Operating Temperature-10℃~+70℃, <80% of relative humidity, non-condensation
Storage Temperature-25℃~+85℃, <70% of relative humidity, non-condensation

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer  Testing Results

3-phase AC Voltage Transducer Performance
3-Phase AC Voltage Transducer Testing

3-phase AC Voltage Signal Transducer Dimension

3-phase ac voltage size
3-phase ac voltage transducer dimension

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions77 x 45 x 50 cm

0-5VAC, 0-10VAC, 0-110V, 0-220VAC, 0-380VAC, 0-500VAC


0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mADC, 4-20mADC


12VDC, 24VDC




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