20MHz 25Mhz DDS Function Signal Generator Dual Out


BRT-DDSGP Series DDS function signal generator is a kind of dual channel arbitrary waveform DDS signal generator module, the output signal is divided into two, the front panel CH1 and CH2 outputs none amplification signal, the output amplitude range is 5mVp-p – 20Vp-p; the rear panel terminal CH1 and CH2 output signal after amplification process, the voltage amplitude range is 30mVp-p–30Vp-p . The main feature of that dds signal generator is that the amplitude of the signal is digital continuously adjustable, very accurate. The independent dual channel output enables user to get max. 60V output in serial connection and also be used in parallel to get up to 300mA, 4.5W power output.



Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator Features
– Waveform resolution is 12 Bit.
– Arbitrary waveform length is up to 2048 bit.
– Power amplification signal output 2 channel 4.5Watt, max. current output 300mA .
– With a 120% + 120% DC bias function.
– Dual output, can work in sync phase adjustable.
– The duty cycle of the pulse wave is accurately adjusted to 0.1%.
– With 4 variable phase difference of TTL output.
– All parametric equalizer can be done by an internal calibration procedure.
– Direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, FPGA design, low power consumption.
– With up to 999 seconds, linear and logarithmic frequency sweep function.
– Built-in precision -20dB attenuator, achieve a minimum amplitude resolution 1mV.
– With a total of 10 groups M0 – M9 parameter storage place, boot automatically called M0 data.
– Non-power amplifier output signal amplitude 5mVp-p–20Vp-p, the amplifier output signal amplitude 30mVp-p–30Vp-p.
– With frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting functions.
– Optional four kinds of gate frequency measurement time, which strike a balance between speed and accuracy.
– Powerful communications features, completely open communication protocol, the secondary development of very simple.
– Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth liters, falling sawtooth and variable duty cycle pulse waves,etc basic function waveform generation, and user-defined arbitrary waveform is available.
– When connected to a PC, the PC can be used to control the instrument, and can be edited on the PC to download arbitrary waveform output waveform to the instrument.

Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator Main Parameters

Project Parameters
Sine waveNormal  Model No:

BRT-DDSGP-06M: 0Hz~6MHz;BRT-DDSGP-12M: 0Hz~12MHz;BRT-DDSGP-20M: 0Hz~20MHz;BRT-DDSGP -25M: 0Hz~25MHz.

Square wave0Hz~6MHz
Frequency Triangle wave0Hz~6MHz
Range Saw tooth0Hz~6MHz
Arbitrary Waveform0Hz~6MHz
Key FeaturesTTL Digital signal wave0Hz~6MHz
Output modulationFrequency sweep
Waveform types Sine, square, triangle, saw tooth lift, TTL digital signal wave, Arb
Waveform Length2048Point
Sampling rate200MSa/s
Waveform amplitude resolution12 bits
The minimum frequency resolution10mHz
Frequency error±5×10-6
Frequency stability±1×10-6
Amplitude range(peak to peak)5mVp-p~20Vp-p(12MHzorless)5mVp-p~15Vp-p(12MHzabove)
Output Impedance 50Ω±10%
Amplitude resolution1mVp-p(-20dBAttenuation)10mVp-p(Does not decay)
Amplitude stability±0.5%(Every five hours)
Amplitude error±1%+10mV(Frequency1KHz,15Vp-p)
Offset Range-120%~+120%(The ratio of the bias voltage and signal amplitude)
Bias Resolution1%
Phase range0~359°
Phase resolution
Sine waveHarmonic arrived System40dBc(<1MHz),35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Distortion <0.8%(20Hz~20KHz)
Square waveLifting a long time≤20ns
Overshoot ≤10%
Duty cycle adjustment range0%~99.9%
Lifting a long time≤20ns
High 1V~10V
Arbitrary WaveformQuantity 16 groups
Memory depth/group1KB/16group
Scan ModeLinear sweep, log sweep
Scan Scan time1S~999S
Scan rangeIt is determined by the sweep parameter settings
Input voltage range0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p
Counting range0~4294967295
External Counting Manually
measurements Positive and negative pulse width measurement10ns resolution, the maximum measurable10s
Periodic measurements20ns resolution, the maximum measurable 20s
Duty Cycle Measurement0.1% resolution, measuring range from0.1% to 99.9%
Source Selection1.Ext.IN input(AC signal), 2.TTL_IN input(digital signal)
Memory Memory 10
Location M0-M9
Interface Using USB to serial interfaces
Interface Communication rate57600bps
Protocol Using the command line, the agreement public
Power supplyDC DC12V
Size Length × width × height180×190×71mm
Weight Single 680g

Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator Interface

DDS Generator Panel Function
DDS Generator Panel Function
Code NoDescriptionCode NoDescription
1LCD7Channel#2 output terminal
2Status indicator8Power output
3Operation buttons9External power supply port
4Adjusting Knob10USB Communication port
5Ext. In input terminal11TTL input/output interface
6Channel#1 output terminal12ON/OFF switch button

>>Refer to: Arbitrary Waveform DDS Signal Generator Performance Report

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions20 x 20 x 8 cm
Model No

BRT-DDSGP-06M(0-6MHz), BRT-DDSGP-12M(0-12MHz), BRT-DDSGP-20M(0-20MHz), BRT-DDSGP-25M(0-25MHz)

About Model No

BRT-DDSGP-06M: Amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~5MHz, Non-amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~6MHz;
BRT-DDSGP-12M: Amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~5MHz, Non-amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~12MHz;
BRT-DDSGP-20M: Amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~5MHz, Non-amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~20MHz;
BRT-DDSGP -25M: Amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~5MHz, Non-amplification Signal bandwidth 0Hz~25MHz;

Packing List

1 x Dual-channel DDS Signal Generator
1 x Power Charger
1 x Configuration Software
1 x Test line

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