DDS Function Signal Generator Module

DDS Function Signal Generator provides a dds¬†signal source with arbitrary waveform and TTL output. DDS Signal Generator is widely used as pulse generator, frequency generator, and frequency counter, frequency scanner, etc. It has the following waveform outputs: sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, saw tooth wave, Sin wave, ascending wave, descending wave, dc signal, and pulse wave with adjustable waveform. The sine wave frequency range can be 0-25MHz, the frequency range of other waves is 0-6MHz, frequency bandwidth is 0-5MHz, the output signal amplitude is 30mVp-p–30Vp-p or 5mVp-p–20Vp-p, the max. power output is 2-channel 4.5W, max. current output is 300mA. With FSK function, small size, high accuracy, it becomes an essential testing and measuring device for technicians.

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